[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6]Forum Rules[/SIZE][/FONT]

Abusive posts and insults based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and other personal attributes will not be tolerated.

You may not make personal attacks on other members either in public forums, private messages or through our email system. This even includes non-swearing name-calling if it is excessive.

Using the name or image of another member in the topic title/description of a post, in your signature, as an avatar or in your posts in a demeaning way is considered an attack and is not permitted.

You may not use profanity. Our profanity filters are enabled and circumventing them may result in an edit/deletion of your post.

Threats of physical violence or death are taken seriously, and your ISP and local law enforcement authorities will be notified.

Trolling or junk posting is not permitted.

Graphic, lewd, and pornographic images are not permitted.

Posting the contents of a PM or e-mail is not permitted.

Stalking another member (online or offline) is not permitted. This includes following a member from topic to topic and constantly attacking him or her.

[SIZE=5][B]Security[/B] [/SIZE]
We track members' login activity. The IP address, date, and time are captured at each login.

[I][B]Sharing Account Information[/B][/I]
Sharing login and password information with others is strictly forbidden.

Under no circumstances shall anyone attempt to hack into our site.

[I][B]Personal Contact Information[/B][/I]
Under no circumstances can anyone post personal addresses and phone numbers of anyone.

Signature images may not be larger than roughly 400w x 200h pixels, or in the judgment of administration otherwise hog attention on the page. If your signature exceeds the allotted size or is deemed unacceptable, you will be requested to resize or replace it. Text signature must also adhere to the height limitation.

[SIZE=5][B]Member Profiles[/B][/SIZE]
A member may claim exclusive use of an uploaded (not from our own set of in-house avatars) avatar if he was the first member to use it here, and is still active. If the avatar is a copyrighted image, the owner of the image can at any time claim exclusive use, or demand it be removed from any member.

Custom titles cannot be created with the intent to confuse readers that the user is another real individual. Rules of etiquette also apply here.

[/B]Spamming is not permitted.

Consistent inclusion of a link for the purposes of promotion of competing companies, products, or web sites is not allowed in either post body or signature.

Blatant promotion of companies, products or web sites is not permitted.

[SIZE=5][B]Defying Administration[/B][/SIZE]
Defying administration or the moderators is not allowed, regardless of what you feel about it.

[SIZE=5][B]Warnings and Banning[/B][/SIZE]
We reserve the right to warn or ban any member who violates our guidelines and/or disrupts our community.

[SIZE=5][COLOR=#8b0000][B]Anyone violating these rules will be banned from this site.[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]