[LIST][*]Capture the height property value. Currently if you set the neutral properties for a panel and have the setting for "Width" specified and "Keep aspect ratio" checked, the height value for the panel is not properly saved. Attempting to restore neutral properties will correctly display the neutral value for width and shows the aspect ratio box checked, but the height will stay at the original value. The only way to save that value is to disable aspect ratio and specifically select the height property to set neutral. [/LIST]

[LIST][*]Add the option to have the background image conform to the page dimensions. I understand this could also be done with a 2D panel, but that's what the background is for and can be set as default for all new documents, unlike panels. [/LIST]

[LIST][*]Add a button/option to update the file that is contained in the "pack linked resource" for a given link or even document. [/LIST]

[LIST][*]Overwrite same-name images. When dragging-and-dropping a modified panel image (.bmp for example) into the document, the original panel image is not overwritten. If you make changes to an image, you have to import it with a separate name and delete the original. Modifying the map path name doesn't always work either, as saved files read off the temp path that the document created upon opening. [/LIST]

[LIST][*]Have "path from neutral" apply to the location set as neutral properties, not the position at import. This may actually work correctly and I am just going about it the wrong way. [/LIST]