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Thread: Which format should we use? (.smg, .smgXML, .smgProj)

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    Default Which format should we use? (.smg, .smgXML, .smgProj)

    At my company, we have been using 3DVia Composer to perform service & repair procedures on vehicles virtually. On a drive we have ten folders. In each folder is a 3D vehicle. This vehicle is broken into functional areas and each on is saved in the .smgXML/.smgGEOM ("Shattered"?) formats.
    The intent was to have our users create .smgProj files for each virtual procedure and link to this shattered data so that we don't duplicate the same cad data over and over again. Another benefit is that we can essentially have access to the entire vehicle but only open the functional areas we need with the unloaded modules taking up no memory.

    This way of working seemed logical but has not worked well for our team. Here is a list of the issues we saw:

    1) team was thrown by the .smgProj logic
    2) team was confused by the folder that is created with .smgProj files
    3) the source data somehow got tampered with
    4) .smgProj files lost their linkage to the source data
    5) various Composer files (views, scenes, xml, geom, etc.) found all over the place; even inside our source data.

    We are now just using the simple .smg format.

    For what we are trying to do...

    1) what is the intended way to work with 3DVia Composer files?
    2) how can we secure our source data so that users [I]can[/I] link to it but no one tampers with it?
    3) should our source data be saved as .smgXML/GEOM? or .smg?


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    Rather than trying to tell you exactly what to do, I will tell you our situation and see if it is applicable to your issues.

    We also use shattered structure and have the following cases:

    1. User wants to make some views/animations and save the file. If they reopen the file, they want to see the latest data. For this we save as .smgXml only so that it utilizes the shattered structure. We teach each user to save each .smgXml into its own folder so they don't have a bunch of ViewXXX.jpgs piled in the same folder.

    2. Our tooling group wants to take the files, create some views, etc but they do NOT want the file to update the next time they open it. They save as .smg and add the revision information into the file name. 123_rev2.smg for example.

    The only problems we experience with these methods are with 1. if the assembly structure changes (engineering changes a part number or adds/removes parts) then those items are no longer in the view.

    For method 2, the files tend to be large depending on how much of the truck they have in them.
    Gordon Benson - NACCO Materials Handling Group

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