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    Smile smgxml format


    I've recently passed from
    3DVIA Composer 2008 version (ocx verison to
    3DVIA Composer V6R2010 (ocx version
    and I was just wondering about the format of the smgxml files.

    I wanted to know, did the format change between those two versions?

    Also, i can't remember how I got the following files from the ocx :
    Interop.DS3DVIAPlayerActiveXLib.dll and

    Can someone please help me?

    Thank you.

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    Yes, the assembly node definitions have changed to get rid of 'double nodes' in shattered structure, and assembly meta moved up to the ClitAssyRoot level. We had to recode a lot of our scripts because of it, and it also will 'break' your views if you are using shattered structure because the 'path' to the file in the assembly tree is now different. But IMHO getting rid of 'double structure' was worth the pain, at least for us.

    We are finishing up a program that will convert files from the old format to the new format so old views will work.
    Gordon Benson - NACCO Materials Handling Group

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    Thank you for the answer.
    It was usefull.
    But I have another question please...

    is it possible to merge two smgxml into one to open a 3dvia composer window with both parts?


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    Animate the first nut.
    Select the other nuts.
    Click Animate, Copy path from actor, then select the first nut.

    It copies the animation path of the first nut to the other pre-selected nuts.

    JOE ROUSSEAU | senior technical writer

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